What the heck is Notus' first access cohort? 🤠

And what the heck is Notus?

We are excited to share a few more details about Notus’ first access cohort.

The overview: We have opened up the first access cohort to Notus, a “Bloomberg terminal for marketing teams”. Our goal is to give every marketing team a press superpower.

The cohort will enable founders and marketing teams to create and run a process around their press outreach campaigns, build press relationships in-house, and proactively respond to the news cycle with their brand story.

Skip ahead and join here, or get all the details on whether you’re a cohort fit below.

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I’m an email away (yuliya@getnotus.io), if you have questions.


🔭 What is Notus?

Notus is a marketing intelligence platform that sets the communication strategy for marketing teams, or a “Bloomberg terminal for marketing teams.”

For go-to-market (GTM), thought leadership, reputation building, and brand awareness press campaigns, we guide teams through press outreach campaigns from start to finish and to be proactive about their brand story.

Specifically, Notus is a platform that first gives teams a clear understanding of who, when, how and why they should be talking to in the media and then puts a process to their outreach campaigns and relationship building in-house.

Our focus for the beta is the first phase — the foundational CRM platform of media contacts, specifically traditional media (for now), for your campaigns.

We love a good process (clearly evidenced by this post) — our mission is for every marketing team to work smarter and not be overwhelmed by trying to keep track of the news cycle, manage media relationships, proactively think about outreach, and track media moves as the media landscape changes.

Notus is still in private beta and always in a discovery- and customer-first mode. We are actively talking to teams to discover their pain points or answer questions, so reach out if you’re considering Notus for your marketing efforts.

🤠 Who is it for?

You should join if you are:

  • A founder or marketing lead who is planning, running and/or struggling with brand awareness and media outreach campaigns

  • At a seed/Series A stage of funding, or bootstrapping with a marketing budget

  • Folks who don’t mind a few bugs along the way and would be open to giving feedback

  • Working towards a specific goal with these campaigns, including:

    • product launch announcement (GTM or continuous)

    • attracting top talent

    • consumer awareness and increased market share

    • credibility and reputation building

    • thought leadership platform for founder(s)

    • media boost in preparation for fundraise

    • proactively and reactively weave the brand’s narratives in the media

The cohort is agnostic to industry. We already have teams from CPG/consumer, fintech, SaaS, and B2B start-ups.

🧠 What will my team get out of it?

We are excited to truly partner with first access teams, and for that reason, we are keeping the cohort limited in size. As part of the cohort, teams will:

  • Onboard the beta and be the first to integrate their campaigns

  • Save their team’s time on research and data gathering of the who/when/how/why of your media outreach

  • Have a real-time feed of their industry’s news coverage

  • Start building media relationships in-house

  • Be a part of the Notus community and share learnings and use cases with teams going through similar pain points

  • Have ongoing communication with me (+ Notus team) and be able to give feedback to influence the early product

  • Lock in that sweet, sweet early adopter pricing 🤑

🦸‍♀️ What if I’m a solo founder without a marketing lead?

We’ll work with you to put together your first outreach campaign so you can be set up for success with Notus and get all the benefits listed above.

⏰ When does it begin?

We plan on starting to onboard first teams in November. Once you’re in, we will communicate the exact timeline and keep you updated on separate cohort-only channel.

We accept teams on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Join cohort waitlist

On a personal note: as a founder, it’s humbling to see such high-caliber teams applying to join the cohort and the waitlist. We see your trust in us, we are excited to change how you run your outreach campaigns. Thank you 🙏

For more questions, yuliya@getnotus.io or DMs are open.