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Notus waitlist and first access cohort now open!

Welcome, friend and early Notus adopter! If you are reading this, this means that you’re one of the hundreds of selected founders, investors, marketing and communications leads who we have talked with in the last few weeks - or the word is starting to get around. Either way, it’s a pretty cool community already.

I am amped to bring you the most strategic and efficient way to organize, run and track your GTM and brand awareness campaigns with Notus. Already, Notus is being called:

  • a “Bloomberg terminal for marketing teams”

  • a “gift from the marketing gods” ☺️

  • “something that will give back hours of research, strategy and execution time”

In fact, we’ve seen so much interest to start running awareness and outreach campaigns on Notus that we have opened up a waitlist and a first access cohort.

The first access is a small batch of limited partners who’d like to lock in early access pricing and be able to influence Notus’ first features.

Join the list below or apply to the cohort below! 👇

Join the waitlist

💡We are still running discovery sprints, so if you’re a founder or marketing lead of a start-up with at least a seed stage of funding and would be up for connecting on a 20-min discovery call, DM or grab time with me here.

💸Investors, if you’re interested in onboarding your portfolio companies onto the Notus beta, let’s connect.

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- Yuliya